Today is Saturday January 9, 2010

Freezing in Houston – Friday night (January 8)

Author: hemmi1

Jeepers! It is so cold outside, and I got even colder getting out there to crack the spigots open a bit. I just barely made it in time with one of them, as when I opened the faucet, no water came out. So, I went in the house and got a pitcher of hot water from the tap, and poured this over the faucet. I was relieved when the water started flowing. I also found that the faucet on my bedroom patio is pretty corroded. The previous owners had wrapped it tight — so tight that it held in the moisture and corroded the pipe. I’ll have to replace it, but I hope I can wait until the weather warms up. Will write more when I’m not shivering. I’m reading “The Hunt for Confederate Gold” by Thomas Moore and I LOVE it so far. I think one reason I like it is that my roots run deep in Georgia, am eligible for membership in the Military Order of the Stars and Bars as a descendant of a Confederate officer, and Mr. Moore writes in a style that I much admire.

The South Shall Rise Again!

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2 Responses to “Freezing in Houston – Friday night (January 8)”

  1. Louis Hemmi says:

    I’m glad it warmed up, but even so, it’s now cold and rainy, although the temperature is a lot higher.

  2. Louis Hemmi says:

    I wonder if spring will be slow in coming this year.

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