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A memory lasts forever when recorded with a tear or with a wide smile.
And a Memory that is forever can never be taken away by anybody, and if
you ever forget that very memory, the body itself will remind you.

Louis gets his second spelling cup, with a wide smile

Louis gets his second spelling cup, with a wide smile


This movie was really good, but we thought we’d read this in bookclub. Well, there’s no way. This movie has Hanley kidnapping Deveraux’s daughter, few scenes with Alexa, no mental hospital with Hanley locked up, and Weinstein is a total psychopath bureaucrat. The credits say “based on the novel ‘There are no Spies’ but that phrase is never uttered. There are I believe seven books in the series, and they’ve enjoyed commercial success, and deservedly so. Anyway, see the movie — you won’t be disappointed unless you want to see the story that we read about.

Here’s what I’m reading now for my next WEB project. If you are a budding gothic writer or maybe interested in assisting the ministry of the New Apostolic Reformation (the dominionists), this book’s for you! The Macks really know their stuff, from obscure Japanese to spiritual spirits of the Amazon. The feet always give the demons away.

►I’m of course enjoying it on my Kindle Paperwhite.


Just picked up the three season’s of ABC Family’s miniseries called “Kyle XY” about a teen boy with extraordinary abilities. It’s a fun and entertaining bit of work. It reminds me a lot of the X-Files, totally sanitized for a suburban audience.
Books: Right now I’m just loving Susanna Clarke’s work “Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell”.  This book combines a few Welsh (Tolkien) and English (Austen, Dickens, Rowling) writers. The story is set in the dawning of the 1800s when Napoleon was such a problem with the English.  Mr Norrell is a magician who laments the absence of decent magic in England, so he goes to London to offer his magical services to bedevil the French. This is a long book at 846 pages, but my Kindle handles it quite nicely.

The selection is now the third book in the series “Russia” and is called “Tent Life in Siberia.” I wonder,  is there a mobile home park in Minsk?

My grandparents both graduated from Tulane and Sophie Newcomb universities respectively.
My great grandmother Bo Peep bought a lot of antiques there during the Depression
when prices were cheap and her husband was building a fortune.

I love Anne Rice’s earlier Vampires and Witches novels, and have been to her
house. I’ve stayed at many hotels including the Grand Dame of New Orleans, the
Pontchartrain Hotel (in the Henry Stern suite, no less!).

I made the Easter weekend trip with Carl Han, Gary Giddings, and Peggy Bailey and met up with
Stella ( and Lewis Garvin. We had a grand time.

The Whole Gang at Joey Starr’s in New Orleans

at lower left going clockwise, we have Stella Nesanovich (2 Phd’s!), Lewis
Garvin who is a poet, as Stella is, Louis kneeling, Gary Giddings (looks
like a member of ZZ Top?), Peggy (grandmother of Connor, mother of Kate),
and the Grand Divo known as Carl Han (in this incarnation).

(Click on picture above for larger uncropped rendition)

Here’s a picture of me (Louis Hemmi) having coffee at the

Café du Monde on Easter Sunday, 2010.

I’m wearing beads that were tossed in
my direction at the morning’s parade.

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