Today is Wednesday January 4, 2012

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Just picked up the three season’s of ABC Family’s miniseries called “Kyle XY” about a teen boy with extraordinary abilities. It’s a fun and entertaining bit of work. It reminds me a lot of the X-Files, totally sanitized for a suburban audience.
Books: Right now I’m just loving Susanna Clarke’s work “Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell”.  This book combines a few Welsh (Tolkien) and English (Austen, Dickens, Rowling) writers. The story is set in the dawning of the 1800s when Napoleon was such a problem with the English.  Mr Norrell is a magician who laments the absence of decent magic in England, so he goes to London to offer his magical services to bedevil the French. This is a long book at 846 pages, but my Kindle handles it quite nicely.

The selection is now the third book in the series “Russia” and is called “Tent Life in Siberia.” I wonder,  is there a mobile home park in Minsk?