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I am not often moved to write on my blog, because nobody reads it. Well, I do feel strongly enough now to let people know that the underwhelming experience of magazine and newsletter reading on the Kindle CAN be DONE RIGHT.

Up to now, I considered the tiresome adjustment of point size and orientation while trying to read a single page ( on, for example,  Huffington Post, AOL news, CNN, Edcar Cayce (newsletter on PDF), was just the price I paid and nothing could be done about it.

But, the other day, while waiting to see a doctor to get Transcop (TM) for my trip to England/Scotland, I browsed and bought what looked like an interesting magazine. The magazine whose single issue I bought is called NVATE  .  Their layout and formatting is the best I’ve seen on Kindle, and the attention to detail makes reading this magazine. Most other non-book content I’ve seen is poorly proofed, the layouts are fraught with errors, and forget about seeing nice screen shots in documentation and being able to get any meaningful information. I tried this with Jesse Stays great book “Facebook Application Development” and while the content is truly excellent, the exhibits, the screenshots, etc. are crummy.  This work is simply not designed with the Kindle foremost in mind.

To repeat, while I thought that lousy formatting and sloppy editing were just things you had to put up with. NVate proves it ain’t so, Joe. When you see a picture (usually photographs rather than illustrations), they are professionally positioned and sized so they really add to the experience of reading your favorite article(s).

In short, if readers accept slop, they’ll get it. Publishers just seem to treat the Kindle as just another device, and don’t seem to know, care, or appreciate that they can do so much better, and that readers, the folks who pay the bills, will notice good work.

The magazine Nate can be found at

Thank goodness for those souls who have taken the time and spent the effort to do a great job, even though they could have save time and money by just following the sorry examples that others have set.

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