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My First KindleIsDead!

I left it to charge overnight, and that may not have been wise 🙁

I’ve left devices on their chargers overnight and never had a problem. Now, I think I’ll never leave my Kindle 3 charging unattended, like I wouldn’t leave a candle burning.

I went to bed on Sunday, and I put the Kindle on its charger because the battery had run down after a marathon reading session of Mika Waltari’s “The Egyptian.” When I woke on Monday, this is the screen with which I was welcomed to a blue Monday.

I reported this terrible occurrence to and they had a new one on my doorstep in less than 48 hours!

My new one is great (I’d had the old one for ten months, so it was still under warranty). I thought my notes and highlights were backed up to their server, but I had neglected to “sync” so I had no backup of those. As far as the content (books, magazines, PDFs) I lost not a single virtual page.

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