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This was the most delicious literary treat of 2011 for me. I had read Mr. Smith’s first novel, a brilliant debut, “Child 44,” and instantly put him on my list of authors whose future work will be required reading for me.
While “Child 44” was about solving murders and Russia in the Stalinist era, so “The Secret Speech” is set against a backdrop of Kruschev’s repudiation of Stalin shortly after his death.

While “Child 44” involved stories about those denounced by the state, and sent to prison camps in the gulags, “The Secret Speech” finds great human stories about the repatriation of political and other prisoners from the gulags back into Russia. This involves the notorious ‘Vory” who are the Russian gangsters, living outside the law, but not immune to the politics of the day.

In short, for character development, brilliant storytelling, and keeping the reader interested and involved, you can’t find many writers Tom Rob Smith’s equal.

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