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Clearly we need workers. But, only slightly over 50% of the population does work. Unemployment at high levels has destroyed a lot of the middle class. The rich are continuing to do well, although passive income (money they get for having money in the first place) isn’t quite as good. Few people have enough money for them to live off the interest alone.

We have millions of unemployed, but the lights are still on, the trash is getting picked up, the cheap burgers are being dished out to overfed consumers, etc. If all those people who used to be employed were busy, it seems we’d notice a drop in products and services, but I’m working, and I don’t see prices going down, or fewer things to spend money for.

I suggest that participation in the American experience used to be work, but now I’m thinking we need to examine what is important to us as a people, and what we require for people to really enjoy being Americans.

“No man with an empty stomach is free.” Unknown

“An empty stomach is not a good political advisor.” Albert Einstein
“A man’s worst enemy is his own empty stomach.”
Norman Douglas (1868-1952), ‘Alone’

“No man can be a patriot on an empty stomach.”
William Cowper Brann, ‘The Iconoclast’

Some teabaggers and the Fox network suggest that unemployment compensation discourages people from drifting down the food chain, taking jobs at whatever the going rate is. Thus, their vision is that of a ruling class that controls most of the wealth of the country, and the worker bees should shut up and accept their place in society since only moral reprobates solicit handouts from the government. Drifting ever downward on the food chain, the eventual bottom is of course welfare, food stamps, etc. However, do we as a country value our people to keep and enhance a welfare system, or to continue to pour billions of dollars a month on foreign adventurism?
Throughout most of our history, there has been a very small middle class. What we know as a middle class arose from FDR’s actions to lift the country from the Depression and through a popular war (though with some determined dissent)

But, the teabaggers seem to endorse the following verse, from a hymn no less! Sharron (where’d she pick up the second ‘r’?) Angle is said to have a needlepoint cushion with this motto stitched into it:

The rich man in his castle,
The poor man at his gate,
He made them, high or lowly,
And ordered their estate.

If current trends continue (they never do), we will have a mercenary class (enlisted servicemen who can’t get jobs paying as well in the private sector), a server class (lawns mowed, dinners cooked, cruises piloted, etc.), and a reduced manufacturing sector since the rest of the world’s workers can do things better, faster, and cheaper.

The middle class plays the victim well, accepting and even embracing principles and policies so incredibly counter to their own interests. I’d say that Darwinism dictates that they just wither and submit to the superior beings, except that I’m a member of the dwindling middle class, and I’m smart enough to know what’s good for me, even if many of my cohorts don’t.

Some, however, will seek to target the IRS, the president, the government, etc. just like Timothy McVeigh and that nut who ran a plane into an IRS office. The pilot of the plane was defended by a sitting congressman; I wonder what would have resulted if the pilot had been a Muslim!.

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