Today is Sunday May 23, 2010

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My grandparents both graduated from Tulane and Sophie Newcomb universities respectively.
My great grandmother Bo Peep bought a lot of antiques there during the Depression
when prices were cheap and her husband was building a fortune.

I love Anne Rice’s earlier Vampires and Witches novels, and have been to her
house. I’ve stayed at many hotels including the Grand Dame of New Orleans, the
Pontchartrain Hotel (in the Henry Stern suite, no less!).

I made the Easter weekend trip with Carl Han, Gary Giddings, and Peggy Bailey and met up with
Stella ( and Lewis Garvin. We had a grand time.

The Whole Gang at Joey Starr’s in New Orleans

at lower left going clockwise, we have Stella Nesanovich (2 Phd’s!), Lewis
Garvin who is a poet, as Stella is, Louis kneeling, Gary Giddings (looks
like a member of ZZ Top?), Peggy (grandmother of Connor, mother of Kate),
and the Grand Divo known as Carl Han (in this incarnation).

(Click on picture above for larger uncropped rendition)

Here’s a picture of me (Louis Hemmi) having coffee at the

Café du Monde on Easter Sunday, 2010.

I’m wearing beads that were tossed in
my direction at the morning’s parade.

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