Today is Saturday January 9, 2010

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Jeepers! It is so cold outside, and I got even colder getting out there to crack the spigots open a bit. I just barely made it in time with one of them, as when I opened the faucet, no water came out. So, I went in the house and got a pitcher of hot water from the tap, and poured this over the faucet. I was relieved when the water started flowing. I also found that the faucet on my bedroom patio is pretty corroded. The previous owners had wrapped it tight — so tight that it held in the moisture and corroded the pipe. I’ll have to replace it, but I hope I can wait until the weather warms up. Will write more when I’m not shivering. I’m reading “The Hunt for Confederate Gold” by Thomas Moore and I LOVE it so far. I think one reason I like it is that my roots run deep in Georgia, am eligible for membership in the Military Order of the Stars and Bars as a descendant of a Confederate officer, and Mr. Moore writes in a style that I much admire.

The South Shall Rise Again!

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powerball book selection “Rain Gods by James Lee Burke” was terrific, and I’ve now started “The Hunt for Confederate Gold” by Thomas Moore. Moore’s book is already gripping me, and I’m only about 30 pages in! I’m interested in the subject matter, as it dovetails with some ideas for Jitterbug Moon.

Now that we’ve got a cold weekend, I can make a dent on my six year supply of tea and my backlog of reading.

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Back to work after almost two weeks off. It’s a weird feeling. I tell you, for a Monday, I feel really bushy tailed and invigorated. I look forward to the challenges hanging over from last year, and getting a handle on new process innovation — in my life and career.

My most fun task today was putting my Franklin Covey organizer together, revising a program that needed to be updated to reflect new IRS mileage pay rates, and a lot more . . .

I picked up my new computer from after the disastrous bad start of not being able to configure it correctly. I never even got CMOS to come up. Sigh. Lucky it was only $65.00 — a true bargain as I think back of the carcass I had on my hands over the weekend. I think I could have gotten it right if I had not had help 🙂 Nobody wants to help me unless a) I pay them and b) it’s easy. Hey, if it was easy, I wouldn’t need their help.

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