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Louis Hemmi - for the Web and beyond

Core competencies
• MS Access database design
• Excel Solutions - with realtime updating from data in Access databases
• PowerPoint Presentations
• Google Analytics - ad campaigns and Web Analytics
• Software Quality Assurance (QA Testing) services - testing software thoroughly

Louis Hemmi is a native Texan from San Antonio, but I live in Houston and graduated from University of Houston with a BBA in Accounting. Currently I am a contractor on the BP GLMS (Global Learning Management Services) account for an agency. I am the Data Quality Analyst, and with my VBA, SQL, and MS Access programming backgroundk I have been able to build sophisticated models for assessing global data quality vis a vis the Course Catalog which consists in total of more than 100,000 courses and other llearning objects.

My mission is to help people, especially writers. Whether you are published or nearly so, I can help you:
I counsel writers on how to easily establish a WEB presence, and all that entails including, but not limited to:

• Web site(s) - design, construction, testing, hosting, publicizing
• General technological issues such as domain name choice, web host selection, etc.
• Blogging (or not)
• Effective use of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN and Writer community sites.
I do this all without cost or obligation. The only drawback is that I'm employed fulltime, so sometimes it may be a day or two until I'm available to answer your questions. My hope is to build up a following and grow with the people I do help.

• Establish a Web presence NOW- I am offering support and encouragement for writers. Check out the Head On (toward an effective WEB presence) newsletter which each month covers fundamentals of establishing and enhancing your Web presence.

Because of the lack of feedback, I've been more time on Facebook where I get more reinforcement in a week than in a year on the website.

No matter how well designed your website is, without proper marketing, it's not going to be effective in enabling you to compete in the marketplace or evolve in response to visitor behavior.

Click here to see my SmugMug galleries of my summer 2011 tour of Scotland & England with the Edgar Cayce ARE Tour.

Please read or download the current Head On newsletter as:

PDF (printer friendly)


I can help you with all phases of the life cycle of a website, from initial design to contact forms, shopping carts, and newsletters, content resource management, and Flash movies with animation and music.

Creative writing is another passion. After Jitterbug Moon is published, I'll have it available here online.

Jitterbug Moon is a book about life in the Deep South in the 1930s. A wealthy man has been murdered. While the whole town feels it's an open and shut case, it's up to Christi and Gene to expose the real murderer. These teenagers enjoy the latest dance craze called the Jitterbug, but they have to grow up fast to confront the prejudice and inequity that they do not understand. Will a jury be allowed to hear testimony that proves the accused man's innocence? Can this young couple expose the real killer in time to avoid a horrible injustice? How does a Voodoo queen help from beyond the grave?

I posted a journal of my great grandmother who was called Bo Peep. She visited Cuba and Panama in the summer of 1915. Click here to see the journal in her own handwriting.

Please visit my site, Houston Book Club.com to learn about what the book club has been doing since 1989, books we've read, pictures and bios of members, and a few good links! e-mail me if you would like to join this fine reading group. Please check out the "Cool Reviews" that I wrote of books we have read. Our blog is accessed by clicking here.

Louis Hemmi

Phones: (h) 281/901-5480 and (cell) 832/398-3491 Fax Number on Request

The cell's text equivalent is TEC-EXT-FIX1 (LOUPHONE can tell you what letter combinations equate to your phone number!


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